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Digital Content Marketing Manager
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Digital Designer


Adobe XD


When I was employed at Liquid Web, I took the initiative to update the user experience for the company's blog as the look was outdated and inconsistent with the brand.


The Liquid Web blog was outdated and had an inconsistent and unintuitive user experience. The Digital Content Marketing Manager wanted a way to highlight the latest articles and needed the menus to sort content by personas, rather than topics.


I created a clean user interface to minimize distractions and an improved hierarchy.

Information Architecture

I led a work session with the Digital Content Marketing Manager to better understand how the new blog menu should be structured, with the content needing to be categorized by marketing personas. We condensed the number of categories to between 5 and 7, combined the subcategories under a relevant parent category.


I presented four different layouts, taking into consideration tablet and mobile viewports. During the last design review for wireframes, we landed on the final layout.

The top three articles would be manually curated by the Digital Content Manager and would be visible as follows: three in desktop, two in tablet, and one in mobile.

The blog menu, which was secondary to the main menu, was placed below the curated content. The menu items would drop down with categories, and when a user clicks on a new category, the nine articles below would change without refreshing the page.

UI Design

Once the wireframe was finalized, I created a high-fidelity mockup incorporating the Liquid Web branding and guided by the design system created by the Lead UI Designer. The final design review for the mockups went extremely well, and the developers felt confident that they could easily implement the design.


The outdated and inconsistent user experience of the Liquid Web blog was improved through a design process that focused on the user. By mapping out the menu hierarchy through the lens of personas and taking into consideration the target audience, a clean and intuitive user interface was created. The final design was well received by the developers, who felt confident in its implementation. This led to a blog with a streamlined menu structure that emphasized the latest articles, resulting in a more positive and productive user experience for the blog's visitors.


I was thrilled to work on this project. It allowed me to enhance my UX/UI skills and further develop my passion for creating better and more accessible user experiences. I was passionate to not only improving the blog's navigation for visitors but also supporting the marketing team's goal of curating a tailored experience. Additionally, I had the privilege of collaborating with a fantastic team.

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